Ninja Girl

Ninja Girl 2: Women in Black
Big announcement: Ninja Girl 2: Women in Black is now available everywhere.
Barnes & Noble

And one more thing…

I’ve written a 4500-word short story starring Ash, Spencer, Mule, and Drake. It takes place two weeks after the events in The Nine Wiles, and it is only available to fans like you.

Here’s how this works: Write a quick review for Ninja Girl: The Nine Wiles at
Barnes & Noble
or Goodreads.

As you know, indie authors like me need sincere, enthusiastic reviews to survive in this business. Once you’ve submitted a review, email me at, and I’ll reply with the story, “Ninjas Aren’t Strong,” attached in a number of handy formats.

Thank you!
— S.W. White


2 Responses to Ninja Girl

  1. Tony oler says:

    Look forward to read the book. I you next book email me.

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