It’s about novels, dog

The somewhat egg-shaped bibliophile pooch in the corner is “Sam,” the website mascot, drawn by a student of mine.

I’ve been writing stories and novels for years, and I created this site to store all the lessons and tools I’ve found. I don’t post very often. Know why? Because I’m too busy writing novels! And you should be too!

But while you’re here, enjoy. I hope you find something that makes a difference for you.

And why not start right now? Mario Puzo (author of The Godfather) once wrote ten rules for writing a best-selling novel. Here they are:

1. Never write in the first person.
2. Never show your stuff to anybody (you’ll get inhibited).
3. Never talk about what you will do until you’ve written it.
4. Rewriting is the whole secret to writing.
5. Never sell your book to the movies before it is published.
6. Never let a personal quarrel ruin a day’s writing.
7. What others see as moodiness is really concentration. It’s the key to writing.
8. A writer’s life should be a tranquil life. Read a lot and see movies.
9. To learn: First, read style books. Then, read novels.
10. Never trust anyone but yourself (especially your critics).

— SW

PS: I look after a certain speedy pooch, a red fawn greyhound known as Sam around here. You might see a picture of him now and then.


6 Responses to It’s about novels, dog

  1. Doniella says:

    well launched. i can hardly wait for you to burst forth.
    you are amazing.

  2. I love to read about fiction, btw – I like the layout of your site.

  3. Atilano says:

    Glad to see I have found a wonderful source for writers.

  4. Emphyiro says:

    Why no first-person?

    I treasure the Travis McGee books, and Vonnegut’s Deadeye Dick and Bluebeard.

    • Steve White says:

      Mario Puzo broke out in the 1960s (The Godfather was published in ’69) and I think some trends have changed since then.

      Nowadays, the genre matters. Along with MacDonald and Vonnegut, first-person is pretty much the coin of the realm in YA.

      (Thanks for the comment.)

      • Mariahelena says:

        Well, if you count the words I’ve written while bionglgg, I’m quite sure I’ve written many millions of words. Mostly nonfiction, though. But I’m pretty confident in my fiction. I’ll get there.

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