Weird Western StoryBundle

The folks at StoryBundle have gathered the work of nine authors (including me!) into a single  ebook, available until September 8.  Check out the mega-cover:

All Covers Large

So neat… I just can’t stop looking at it.  Okay, sure, you might spot New World and Hair of the Bear (my babies!) in there, but there are eight other titles in the same genre.

Whatever genre that is.  I called New World a “frontier fantasy” back in 2011. The Swords for Hire anthology goes by “medieval western.”  And this Storybundle?  How about “weird western”?  Whatever we call it, it’s got cool stuff:

You’ll find stories here set in the snows of old Alaska and the heat of contemporary Arizona, post-Civil War San Francisco and post-colonization planets, and places the seem as familiar as any wooded mountain or wind-swept desert… until tigers and dragons and horses that are so much more than you might assume burst into the scene.

I’m amped to have my work appear with these writers. And another nifty thing about the way this StoryBundle works is that you can decide how much you’d like to pay for it.

StoryBundle lets you choose your own price, so you decide how you’d like to support these awesome writers and their work. For $5—or more if you’d like—you’ll receive the basic bundle of four great novels in DRM-free ebook format. For the bonus price of at least $14—or more if you’d like—you’ll receive all nine novels. If you choose, a portion of your payment will go toward supporting Mighty Writers and Girls Write Now.

I’m going to be gushing about this cool thing until September 8, when it goes poof forever. Might as well click over and take a look.

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