Book Promotion Shouldn’t Make Your Head Explode

Look, I’m a huge fan of new technologies and the power they grant to artists like us. I’ve even gushed about my favorite fiction-writing innovators.

But this stuff can make you crazy. I’ll admit that as fast as anybody. I think my friend Lindsay Buroker captures the feeling nicely:

3 Responses to Book Promotion Shouldn’t Make Your Head Explode

  1. Lindsay says:

    Well, this video is, of course, brilliant (:D), but I came here looking for information on this new ebook you’ve published… Is it going to be on Amazon soon, or you actually going to make me find the cord for my Kindle, so I can plug it into the computer and download it the old slow way from Smashwords? šŸ˜‰

  2. Nick Thacker says:

    Yes, GREAT video. Thanks for sharing!

    And yes, I also tend to agree that book promotion shouldn’t make your head explode (though arguably, it might be cool if it make your readers’ heads explode… figuratively speaking, of course!) Above all, promotion should be taken with a grain of salt (here’s a guide to social media, and how authors and writers should use it: )

    Thanks for the post, and thanks for Love it!


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